Middle Classes in Africa

Thursday, 11 February 2016, 5-6pm, Iwalewahaus Bayreuth

This Event is based on the FAVT Exhibition collaborative project by Sam Hopkins´ and John Kamicha´s: Thika Road Mad Boys_Until Death do us part_ Wazungu Wausi (Black White Men), in which they´re exploring the emerging biking culture in Kenya´s capital Nairobi.

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The Exhibition-Activation by Florian Stoll is entitled:
Middle classes in Africa – From the social scientists and from the artists´ perspective

This tour consists of two parts which examine the topic of African middle classes from different angles:
In the first part I will briefly introduce the debate about African middle classes. Here, we will discuss the conceptual background of the middle class notion in Europe/North America and some difficulties in the application in Africa. In the second part we will discuss selected parts of the FAVT exhibition from the perspective of middle classes in Africa, with a special focus on the work of some Kenyan artists who refer to middle classes in their work (Syowia Kiambi, James Muriuki, Sam Hopkins): Which aesthetic expressions of middle classes can we find? Is there middleclassness hidden in the art works and what does it mean? Can we speak about shared characteristics of “African middle classes” or do middle classes fully depend from specific contexts? Is there one middle class or do we have to consider a variety of lifestyles?
The walk through the exhibition will be interactive by integrating participants´ experiences and should be rather a walking discussion than a guided tour.

Further information about the Exhibition:



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