One by one we will introduce the projects that are to be seen in the exhibition FUTURE AFRICA: VISIONS IN TIME. The projects are based on discursive collaborations between invited international artists and resident researchers within the Academy, resulting in innovative conceptual research that traverses aesthetic and scientific approaches. Positions generated through this collaborative process also question the results and processes of academic research by aesthetically complicating them. Through intensive conversations, artworks and conceptual positions were developed that critically engage with, reflect on, interpret, imagine, intervene into, disturb, translate or anticipate the concepts of the Academy’s current general theme “Future Africa: Visions in Time”.

Let it Rain



Future Wagner

Concrete Affection – Zopo Lady

Africans in the Soviet Union


Deposits of the Future through Times and Spaces: African/Diasporic Safe Knowledge

The Bike Gang

queer volatility: the indecipherable achievement of a socially utopic state

Records of Black African Queer (Times) – The Invisible Color of (V)Si(o)lence

Warning! Not Fixed

My Mother´s Mother

Oceans Apart

Twenty Thousand Leagues under Seas


The Resonance

My Own Exotic

Remixing Wagner

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